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Nieuwsgierig naar wat ik voor jullie kan betekenen?

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Margreet and Alecos



Our wedding ceremony was broadcast on the Dutch television in the 'overseas wedding program.

This report is also included to run my wedding and gives a good idea of what's involved.

Curious how the videos of our wedding have become?

Wedding in Crete of Margreet and Alecos

Arrangements by: Gamos Crete

Church: Polentas in Voukoulies, Chania

Wedding dinner and party: Alkyon in Maleme village, Chania

Photographer: Sofia Kakoulantonaki

Margreet and Alecos’s experience
with Gamos Crete

“Right after my education
to become a wedding planner
I organized my very own
wedding on Crete.

A traditional Greek wedding
complimented by a party for more
than 1500 guests

Gamos Crete contacted the
Dutch television organization RTL5
to have the whole wedding being
broadcasted over Dutch television.

The result of the wedding
can be viewed on the
 Gamos Crete Youtube channel”.

Traditional Greek wedding on Western Crete