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Margreet Riemeijer

Gamos Crete Weddings

GR: +30 69 41 54 56 88 Award Winner Beach Wedding 2018

Date: March 30, 2018

We are celebrating the launch of our new website!

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. It has been designed to showcase all about our wedding services and to help inform you of the latest news in the wedding industry.

It has not only undergone a complete overhaul with a new look and feel, the content has been fully revised. From now on, it will be even easier to find out how we can be of service to you, our valued customer.

The website has many new features including for example:

 A new blog section showing the latest news and events in the wedding industry.

A new portfolio and testimonials section, allowing you to easily scroll through the various ways of organising your wedding and find out how our wedding couples experienced their wedding venue in Crete.


Why a new website?

The wedding market is a rapidly changing market and we need to inform our customer with up-to-date information about this market.
Of course we’re now in 2018, so it’s absolutely critical that our website’s mobile experience is top notch.

We simplified the menu structure of the new website. We want our visitors find the valuable information they’re looking for with just a simple click. No more digging around in menu structures.

We completely revised the services page. This page now starts with the various types of coordination that Gamos Crete offers. Each type of coordination clearly outlines what you can expect from us during your wedding party. Transparency is key in this business for customer trust and confidence in the wedding planning organisation.


We didn’t stop with just the website. No, it was time to put the logo to the test. The old logo just didn’t fit into the website’s new design. We have a new modern style website so we need a new style logo as well.
The two letters represent the merge of
Gamos (the Greek word for wedding) and Crete.

We feel that the new logo represents the company in a better way; modern, professional and transparent.

Gamos Crete, the award winner of the beach wedding company award of the year 2018